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It’s My Birthday!

So I turned 31 over the weekend. No grey hair yet, but my hair line is running a little. We’re in the middle of a move so my birthday was a little less than normal. I told my wife not to get me anything, we need the money for moving. We went out to Longhorn Steak House for dinner the night before. The day of I had some of my friends over and we hung out, had fun.

I’m happy about this. I feel like I’ve hit a new level of maturity. I’m happy that I don’t go crazy wondering what I want to get, choosing from a long list of stuff. I’ve done it in years past, just trying to narrow down to one or two things I want from the list of stuff. And that’s what it is, just stuff. There is nothing I want this year. I have an awesome wife, and fun lovable children. I have close friends who mean the world to me. Some of my birthday cards were reflective that I am just as cherished by those who I cherish.

“A son like you brings so much happiness to life. Hope you know how much you’re appreciated and, most of all, hope you know how much you’re loved.” This is an excerpt from the card my mom gave me. It has that nice awwww feeling. I love feeling loved! Don’t you?

“Happy Birthday Son-in-law, we sure didn’t make a mistake letting you in the family…” says the cover. Again, awwwww, so nice from my in-laws. “Nope. you have no one to blame but yourself!” Then all I could do is laugh. So true, so true.

Yeah, you can be happy and a realist

I decided to rename my blog from Youth Min 101 to my twitter account Happy Realist. I am definitly still pursuing youth min, but at a slow pace. I will still use this blog to share youth related stuff, but I wanted to tailor it to some of my own non-youth related stuff.

Why Happy Realist?

I am considered an optimist. It can drive my friends crazy. I can see the best in every situation. Of course, there are times where finding the best isn’t the best, like mourning the loss of a loved one. There is no reason to find the best, just mourn, take it in and live. Another example is the discovery of cancer. A good friend of mine was recently diagnosed. I didn’t try to find the best in it, I just prayed and support him in any way possible. Cancer sucks. Anyway, for the rest of your life, you can choose to be happy and choose to find the best in everything.

I’m not always happy. I consider happiness as a conditional emotion. I’m happy in my success and frustrated by my failures. I am, however, full of joy that is fueled by my faith in Jesus Christ. I can know that no matter what happens, good or bad, that my Savior is watching out for my best. He has my best in mind at all times. Knowing this, and believing this helps me find the best in everything. Going through tough times financially I could always see the bright side, knowing that money would come, knowing we will eat our next meal. And you know what, we never missed a meal!

There have been times where I felt like my best wasn’t Jesus’ priority. These times I wonder why is this or that happening to me. Actually, if I’m honest, everytime a significant issue occurs in my life that’s my first thought. Why me? Sometimes it takes me a day or two to get back to reality. What is reality during these times? Jesus does have my best in mind. That’s the realist part. With a personal relationship with Christ your reality includes the supernatural. Regardless of what happens here on earth, reality says that I serve an almighty God who loves me and will take care of me.

So, I look forward to blogging more, sharing thoughts and having fun.