Netflix, RedBox combined! New business idea!

So I have this awesome business idea, I just need some funding. Hear me out…

NetFlix is a great service, basically any DVD is available for a set monthly fee. There is also online streaming of older/mediocre movies (not the good side). The big problem here is if you want a movie now, you can’t get it. You have to wait for it to be mailed out.

RedBox is also great, allows you to simply walk up to one of its many locations and simply rent a DVD for a buck a night. Not too shabby, but a very limited selection.

So what if we combine them?

Stream the movies, and offer all of the DVDs immediately, the best of both worlds! We could rent out a store front, and basically allow people to come in and pick from a much larger selection than RedBox, and they don’t have to wait for NetFlix to mail it.

What do you think?

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About David Lozzi

David is a lucky husband and proud father of 3 (soon 4) beautiful children. He's a Microsoft Certified Professional and works at Slalom Consulting as a SharePoint Architect. He is an avid do-it-yourself'er, self proclaimed chef, all-around-technology geek, Christ follower, Lego builder, and desires to be more of an outdoors-man.

3 responses to “Netflix, RedBox combined! New business idea!”

  1. Dan Savlon (@dansavlon) says :

    Wow, David. Seeing bunnies and rainbows again. This would already be done if it weren’t for that pesky issue of the movie companies wanting to get paid. Content acquisition is what’s holding back the movie delivery process.

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