Jeremiah’s 8th Birthday – Scavenger Hunt Style

We thought we’d change up the typical birthday this time around. Instead of handing over his presents we decided to have him hunt them down.

We gave him some basic (he is only 8 yrs old) hints where the presents are, and off he went! He had a blast, and we could hear him from the other room scream as he found his presents.

My daughter, Annabelle, also had fun doing it with him. She didn’t ask to open or try to open anything, like a lot of kids will do (and she has in the past). Instead she was chasing around with Jeremiah. She knew where they were so she had a leg up, and could direct him if he couldn’t figure it out.

He ended the day saying “Mom, this was my best birthday ever!”

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About David Lozzi

David is a lucky husband and proud father of 3 (soon 4) beautiful children. He's a Microsoft Certified Professional and works at Slalom Consulting as a SharePoint Architect. He is an avid do-it-yourself'er, self proclaimed chef, all-around-technology geek, Christ follower, Lego builder, and desires to be more of an outdoors-man.

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