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God hasn’t forgotten you

“God where are you? Why have you left me? I can’t do this alone and you’re not helping me.”

Noah, with his limited faith (in comparison to what we now know and the salvation of Christ, I think he had it rough), believed that God would take care of him. He built a giant ark and loaded it with animals and sat in there for about a week before it even started raining. God gave him a heads up and said it would rain for 40 days and nights. So at the end of the rain, what did Noah think?

“God, the rain stopped a few days ago, thank you! But theres no sign of land anywhere…”

The NLT translates that it took about 12 and a half months from the beginning of the flood for it to all dry up and they exited the ark. A year! Much longer than the 40 days God originally said. What do you think Noah thought?

“God, me here again. I guess you know that since I’m one of eight people still alive. It’s been three months, and nothing yet. I’m still here, waiting for you to let me out. You originally said it would be forty days. Don’t forget about me down here, I still need you.”

Noah could’ve thought that he missed the mark on this one, that maybe God forgot about him. Maybe one of his sons thought it was up to him to try to steer the boat or possibly go on a raft to find land. Noah’s wife may have panicked after the third month saying that the food was running low. How do you plan for enough food for a flood of this size anyway? I can’t imagine living in a large boat with stinky stanky animals for a year was stress free.

Did Noah doubt God? Did he have a choice? He couldn’t have gone anywhere but he could’ve gave up on God in his heart and simply waited for his life to improve on it’s own.

We know how the story goes, they were finally are able to leave the ark, Noah does some sacrifices, God is pleased and makes a covenant via a rainbow. All is well and the year locked in a large wooden fecal producer would soon become a distant memory as Noah played with his grand children and his great grand children.

Imagine being stuck in that boat for so long, much longer than the 40 days God had said. I would’ve been a little frustrated, “God, you said 40 days, now we’re going onto 150.” Does this make God a liar? The rain did stop didn’t it?

Our human (faith lacking) instinct is to explain what we see, try to define it, and then hold to whatever truths we make up and get it done ourselves.

“Here’s the deal God, you said forty, it’s been five hundred. The only option I see is to find land on my own…”

Faith says that if God sent me, and asked me to, and said he’d provide, then I will wait on him no matter what comes my way. Even if I forget, God never changes.

“Hi God, just me again, thank you for sparing my life, and thank you for letting my family live with me. You are an amazing and wise God…”

Are you waiting on a flood to dry up? Do you feel like God may have promised something, but now you’re doubting it because it hasn’t come through, yet? I want encourage you, press on, God knows what he’s doing. He created you, and loves you so much. Rely on him and his word, trust him. I know it’s hard, I’m in the middle of it right now. Daily I reach out and let him know that I am still counting on him, that he’s still my God and thank him for the promises he made.